Entry #2

A breath of fresh air

2010-11-24 07:40:28 by carborundum

After a nice chat with a friend we began to go though my mac and pc, looking at old photos then before I knew it my old animations so over the week I will be uploading a selection of animations over the years, in many different styles, expect clay, hand drawn, paper and maybe just maybe some flash ;)

I glimpse of items to come is shown below

Wednesday - The Gift - Paper animation

Thursday - A bundle of Joy - A selection of hand drawn animations

Friday - Escape - Rotascope (ish)


Weekend - Tuesday - Raving Bears - A simple Clay animation from 2006 :O

More to appear later
Quick image of a frame from each of the above

Im away over the weekend so will resume posting tuesday next week with some more If I sort it out before I will upload it so will say weekend - Tuesday :)

A breath of fresh air


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