A breath of fresh air

2010-11-24 07:40:28 by carborundum

After a nice chat with a friend we began to go though my mac and pc, looking at old photos then before I knew it my old animations so over the week I will be uploading a selection of animations over the years, in many different styles, expect clay, hand drawn, paper and maybe just maybe some flash ;)

I glimpse of items to come is shown below

Wednesday - The Gift - Paper animation

Thursday - A bundle of Joy - A selection of hand drawn animations

Friday - Escape - Rotascope (ish)


Weekend - Tuesday - Raving Bears - A simple Clay animation from 2006 :O

More to appear later
Quick image of a frame from each of the above

Im away over the weekend so will resume posting tuesday next week with some more If I sort it out before I will upload it so will say weekend - Tuesday :)

A breath of fresh air

Whats happening

2008-06-20 03:39:08 by carborundum

Hey guys and gals,

Its me and im back work is taking a lot of time up but plans to get some flash work done is planned Im now a New Media Designer, and I got different types of animation and recently started to learn flash proply for my job, been going well worked some nice little things out, Plans to do another game is planed though not until I have worked out how to make a good original game, may upload some of my small games I did which built in tutorials on how to make them though not sure just yet, we will see how time effects.